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 OBS! Rules

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PostSubject: OBS! Rules   OBS! Rules I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 18, 2008 4:38 am

Rules for players, please be polite to other players. If any rule below are broken then the GameMaser/Admin have right to punish you or other players!

# No names as asdasfew.
# No bad words as (hoe/faggot/pussy etc)
# Namefaking such as: "Bill ", "Doom'ed" etc.
# Names with racistic/nazistic words/names.
# Bad words as names.
In the game:

# If you insult or being insulted by someone else, contact a GM. - Direct ban for everyone’s comfort.
# No spamming.

# Bug abusing (Abuse bugs found in game) - Report these to a GM - Ban or delete player and account (depending how bad).
# Macroing.
# Hacking.

# Claims to be a GameMaster.

Player killing:
# 3 Kills leads to a Red skull
# 10 Kills leads to a direct Ban.

Report the ones that are breaking the rules to a Gamemaster.
Take a screenshot of whoever breaks the rules if you can!
Game Masters:
This is rules for GM´s. Players who are disappointed with GM´s decision to ban or if you se someone being unjustified managed write to us. If you see Game Master disobeying these rules below report to Head Game Master Justice or Admin. Screenshots are big help to us.

# GM should not under any circumstances kill or injury player.
– Possible methods: IP ban, delete account, put player on the roof.
# No kicking/banning player without reason.
# It is strictly forbidden To Throw Out/Take items on personal property/house.
# GM has no permission to give or sell items under any circumstances!! You may ask GM for items, but we can’t give you any items that are against our policy.
# No exp monsters in cities! Warn all players around so that low level or players who don’t want to kill will go away. Don’t create lag or bug with spawn.
# GM Should not change under any circumstances owner of the house.
# GM Should not borrow out his account to other players or friends.

This is rules for GM, breaking these rules will resolve suspension or deleting GM account.
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OBS! Rules
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